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Do you have trouble finding companions who are as interested as you are in the art, history, and culture of the area you’re visiting? If so, Adventures for Creative Tourists may be the perfect community for you. Adventures for Creative Tourists is a free organization that gathers like-minded visitors to Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas for walking tours, gallery exhibits, and even private tours with certified tour guides and museum docents through some of the nation’s greatest art museums.  The majority of these events are free and open to the general public, although a few may have a small entrance or registration fee.


Art Museum Viewings


Although D.C. boasts some of the world’s most famous works of art, from Rembrandt’s self-portrait to the streamlined silhouette of the Vietnam War Memorial, viewing this art without someone to share your thoughts with can sometimes rob you of the full artistic experience. By traveling with Adventures for Creative Tourists, you’ll be able to visit art museums and discuss your opinion on Monet versus Manet or the future of post-modernism with a diverse group of people who are just as passionate about art and design as you are.

These museum exhibit viewings are conducted as a group tour. You’ll be given a specific location and time to meet your hostess and travel group (generally either outside the museum or at the information desk), and the tour will begin promptly. You’re free to walk through the exhibit at your own pace; however, staying with other group members can enhance your experience.


Private Tours



Private Tours are ideal for those who have either never been to the museum before or who have visited a certain museum many times on their own and want to delve deeper into the history of certain pieces. These Private Tours are group tours of the museum that may have a certified tour guide or docent.  Some Private Tours are free,  free with museum admission, or have a fee.

When attending a Private Tour, you’ll meet your hostess and other attendees at the museum’s information desk or specified check-in location. Please arrive at or before the specified time to ensure you don’t miss the trip! After the Private Tour, you may opt to stop with members of the group at a restaurant or coffee shop nearby, where you can continue your conversation while enjoying drinks or a light lunch. Food and Beverages are not included in the cost of tickets. Tickets for Private Tours are non-refundable due to demand.  

Walking Tours


Walking Tours include are private tours of the various monuments, historic sites, and other public artwork for which D.C. is famed. Most of these tours take place outside, so you’ll want to wear comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing. Each month, a new walking tour route will be featured; check back frequently or sign up for the newsletter to stay updated on these tours as they are offered.  Tickets for Walking Tours are non-refundable due to demand.  


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